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Pyramid API (in alpha stage) allows you to get Starknet NFT data, index your own data, and query Starknet via private RPC endpoints.
1var axios = require('axios');
3var config = {
4  method: 'get',
5  maxBodyLength: Infinity,
6  url: '',
7  headers: { }
11  .then(function (response) {
12    console.log(JSON.stringify(;
13  })
14  .catch(function (error) {
15    console.log(error);
16  });

Integrate NFTs
into your DAPP

Easily integrate NFTs to your dapp via Pyramid API, allows you to retrieve most needed NFT endpoints for free in it's alpha stage.

All data you need in one request.

It's totally enough to send one GET Request to retrieve data of millions of NFTs on Starknet. ⚡️ Ship Faster.

Index Your Own Data

Pyramid also offers deployed Apibara and Pathfinder nodes to facilitiate the process of indexing your own data or querying your own contract. ⭐️ Build Different.


Pyramid API is totally free in it's alpha stage.
Also publicly available for everyone, no need to sign up, no need to get API key.

Just send request, rest assured


Offers self-hosted Apibara and Pathfinder nodes and ready-to-use NFT endpoints
10+ NFT endpoints
Apibara Node Endpoint
Pathfinder Node Endpoint
10 calls per second rate limit
Up to 1,000,000 API calls per day
Telegram or Discord Support

Frequently Asked Questions

Do i need any API key, provide credit card or sign up?

No, it's totally enough to send GET request to our endpoint to get started. But this is only limited for Alpha stage of Pyramid API, we plan to launch a developer dashboard in beta stage but we will always have a free plan that has high amount of rate limit and which definitely faciliates the process of integrating NFTs into your dapp.

Is there a free trial available?

Pyramid API is totally free in it's alpha stage and publicly available for everyone. But in further stages we will have different plans alongside of free plan.

Is there any rate limit for API ?

Yes, there is. You are allowed for 10 calls per second and 1,000,000 api calls per day.

How can i index my own contract data?

You can start by exploring Apibara docs and it's github. You can use Pyramid's Apibara node to index your own contract.

Build on Starknet
with Pyramid

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